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Car Battery Switches

AFD DC 48V 200A dual battery isolator switch For Car Boat RV Motorcycle

  • Product ID:JD-YC-S3657
  • Weight:280g
  • Input Voltage:48v
  • Material:Plastic
  • Product description: AFD DC 48V 200A dual battery isolator switch For Car Boat RV Motorcycle
New 275 amp battery main switch (on-off) 2-position dual battery switch selector with AFD 48V DC
High rated current Protect your alternator
Multifunctional cable entry
Stud size: M10
Function: on off
Continuous current: 275a
Surge current (5 minutes): 455A
Starting current (10 seconds): 1250A
Rated voltage (max): 48VDC
Note: AFD (alternator field disconnection) AFD cuts off the alitemator before the battery switch is turned off, thus protecting the alternator
Product size: length: 69mm, width: 69mm, height: 73mm
Installation hole spacing: 54.8mm
Installation method: 1. Surface mounting; 2. Panel installation
Product list: battery switch * 1; function identification label * 1; manual * 1
Installation: the alternator is a generator on board to charge the battery
The wiring is alternator battery switch battery
The battery switch cannot be turned off when the alternator is started.
Otherwise, the current of the generator will have no outlet voltage and the generator will burn the diode of the generator.
So the right way is to turn off the engine generator and then turn off the battery switch.
The AFD function is that two screw pins can be connected to the field end of the alternator.
Before the battery switch is disconnected, the AFD screw foot will open the circuit and turn off the alternator.
That is, before turning off the battery switch, she will automatically turn off the alternator (through the two studs of AFD)
Avoid burning the alternator.